University of Terra


Everyone knows I'm a necromancer

They know. They all know. That golem… that idiot. I might need to run. To be honest, I didn't even expect that my secret to last this long. How could I not accept an invite from the university? I shouldn't have socialized. I should've stayed in my house and ripped that invitation.

I will need to learn how to use shadow manipulation to escape, and fast. I know I can't kill all of them.

My shift is almost over, I need to hide my stuff.

I have the materials, now i need a sacrifice like what she did with that Ryan guy and Kane. maybe I can repeat what I did when my parachute was stuck. I can stay down in the sands until they go or i could ask her to help me kill them. No, that's a stupid plan.


Poor crazy graves.
It is power that he craves
We leave him alone
With a bag full of bones
In the morning its that bag he saves.


The question is, who’s bones are they? ;)

miguelp001 BalancedCobra

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