University of Terra

An old note

Half of an old note

I've been practicing more and more ne-

after all, I should make sure Kane doesn't s-

The golden pony, that's the dumbest name I've ever heard in my life. Anyways, best not let Kane know. Back to my plan. I have the last thing so nobody knows I was the one who sabotaged the-                                                                                                             he will try to hunt me down.                                                     this cheap paper keeps ripping and its drving me craz-                           He is here.





I like this stuff. So many secrets. I wish we played longer. Maybe if we don’t finish the main plot, we will do season 2 with the same characters. Graves facing any consequences, Terrence facing issues, Frazure facing issues. Fun stuff. DRAMA!!!

An old note

I would love that!

An old note

Cain learning how to love. Cry. And generally feel.

An old note

and Cain’s learning how to snitch

An old note

God I for one am so excited. I’ve been roleplaying since I was about 8 or so on the PC, now I get to roleplay such a good game with such good players. I’m really excited if we proceed into a series 2. The drama will be excellent! Hopefully it won’t be over done, though. Also, keep an eye on Terrence. Can’t let him summon another Kathooloo.

An old note
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