Magias Illuminatio Artis Mechanicae et

When I was much younger, I thought that I knew what that meant. I thought that the words were simple and if you grasped each one individually, the whole would come naturally. Those words are the charter and motto of your University. I would often sit in my father's office and look out the window at the students moving about. Little, brave points of knowledge moving about the campus. Going to classes, going to assignments or even going back to their House. I watched the students and imagined them all as being small but interconnected parts of a much larger, more grand whole.

The University of Terra isn't just a simple storehouse for knowledge. Nor is it some kind of proving ground. This University is a crucible where soft, pliable minds are worked and hardened into steel. It is an anvil where that steel is folded and beaten and reformed into a tool that can change the world. You are no mere student. You are the very heart of tomorrow. You are the future statesmen and women, you are the leaders in technology, in magic, in art; you will be the ones who will lead the world.

Magias Illuminatio Artis Mechanicae et

The University of Terra isn't some simple place where a simple motto of "Magical illumination and mechanical arts" are the means and the end. It is a grand place where Illumination, the brightening of hearts and minds can be achieved through magic. It is a den of wonders where the highest art can come from intricately designed machinery. This motto isn't just telling you what we do here. That would be trite and pedestrian.

Our motto tells you what we expect from you. The motto tells you what we see from the future! The University of Terra is not beholden to any government and knows no boundaries of geography. We are Terra. We are whole! We are United. We are the future.

— Exerpt from Nisha Fredrick's speech given at the re-opening of the University of Terra.