the Emperor

The Immortal Emperor

The Immortal Emperor did have a name, once long ago. It was lost to time and history now. It is said that he was once a kind and just king who was left without any sons to carry on his legacy. That it was fear of his own mortality that drove him to the darkness. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that he was responsible for plunging the world into over 700 years of endless war and conflict. He ruled with paranoia and fear as his weapons against rebellion. It was said that there is nowhere that the Emperor could not see you and no words that could be said that didn’t reach his ears.

It was truly a dark time for the Empire.

The people didn’t even realize what he had become until the day that Melei Ibn Salaar dragged the thing that the Emperor had become out into the street and battled him in the full light of day. It was a sobering sight. To realize that you had been ruled over by some monsterous husk of a man. Either way, his immortal reign ended just the way it began.

With blood.

the Emperor

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