Each student chooses a house to go to upon choosing a major. If they are unable to choose a house, they are put into the Dreamers house. Some students choose never to leave the Dreamers. Often, they face derision for staying in that House but all houses have their own stereotypes.


Diplomats are students focused on social interactions and politics. They tend to be able to defuse situations and make friends easily. However, diplomats tend to want to stand out and fit in at the same time.


Architects are builders who want to create for it’s own sake. They are most interested in the physical act of creating things but tend to quickly get bored once they have already created.


Explorers are most interested in doing what hasn’t been done or going where no one has ever been. They are also very showy and tend to get themselves in over their head.


Merchants are not really interested in the process, they are interested in results. They tend to focus on tried- and-true methods of doing things because those are the ones that have the best results. This approach leads to a lack of foundation that may have the merchant not knowing nearly as much as they think they know.


Dreamers don’t really fit into the usual structures of academia. They tend to spend more time off in their own minds or investigating esoteric applications of their study. The problem is that dreamers never seem to know when to get focused.


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