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Grave's lost note 1
They know

They know the secret. That little brat little brat took the box and looked inside. does he know what it is? do they even know who I am? that flesh golem did something,too. That Frazure kid… he reminds me of something. Oh, and the quiet one! He knows something. As soon as the black sands came up, he acted WAY  more dumb than usual… he is up to something. Why am I even write these notes? I'll probably lose them.

Frazure: Note 1

The food here is absolutely awful. Wish Zac could BREAK it and FIX it like he does ALL the time with the other stuff. Really.

The hammocks were nice to sleep in.. My problem with them was that they didn't have enough room for my books! Very disappointing. Wish I could be back in my bunk but someone has to name this Jewel incrusted Tiger something SENSIBLE instead of "JEWEL INCRUSTED TIGER".

Don't even get me started on William. Hes the pilot, and he is huge. I don't like huge things. They make me feel weak and useless. His hand could have crushed my skull.

Oh dear. Seems like some sky pirates have arrived. Guess I'll finish writing after we; I mean Graves and I, destroy them.

Cain's log, 526th day since freedom.
Notes on my compatriots and the day itself.

Mr. Misindjor is a necromancer, I know due to reading his soul. Everyone else has far too many secrets, as soon as professor Erasmus announced my intrusion on their privacy, everyone wished to counter me. I shall keep this to myself. However, were someone to get their hands on it… Mr. Magus, he has a rather large secret, I shall not intrude though. My assassination skills came in handy today, I had to kill an air pilot. I shot straight through them. I also made a promise to the professor not to intrude. Hmm… Mr. Misindjor is very easily angered, perhaps it shall be useful? I wish for this trek to bring me emotion, but the likelihood is slim to none. I shall continue reading souls of our enemies to better understand what I am missing.

"Feelings or emotions are the universal language and are to be honored. They are the authentic expression of who you are at your deepest place." -Judith Wright

-Excerpt of Cain Blackwater's log, pre-emotions

Frazures Note 2

Well that was fun.

Currently floating down towards the black sands while in my parachute.

Oh dear.

Maybe if I threw the tiger bait guy off my back… No..

I can't do that. That'd be wrong.

Well. I guess this'll be my last note..



Graves' lost note
a bunch of ramblings from graves

they know they know they know they know. HE knows he knows he knows he knows. I need to find it. I need to find the last piece of the puzzle. Wait, how am I going to get off the top of the glass hopper. ha. I might die up here. 



ha. ha hahahahahahahahahahahhahahh! HAHAHAHAHAAHAH1 The voices are filling my head. I need to get off this stupid ship. 








Unknown Note

Frazures 3rd Note
I'm surrounded by Idiots

So I landed with WhatsHisName and Markus…

In the black sands.


Now there are black sand cats around us. 3 to be exact..

So I aim my gun at the one nearest to me. Like I'm going to risk my life if these things attack.

Stupid WhatsHisName got mad at me for aiming my gun!

Oh now Graves is here.. He'll know what I'm doing—

He just took my damn gun.


I'm going to die. Stupid people. I'm not going to shoot unless they attack me.




welcome back
Graves' third lost note

I was welcomed back into the black sands. For some reason, she…welcomed me back to the sands. I helped her protect the sand beasts. she might have answers. she  might help me with the final step. They will know my secret soon.  I might need to explaining in order to not get…killed.





they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowvthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they knowthey know they know

Book of Beasts
An attempted translation

The Jewel-Encrusted Tiger or Asyrimat is a rare variation of the typical Rimat Tiger. It is only seen in the jungles of [untranslatable] to the west of the Elven homelands. This tiger has black and dark green stripes that assist it in [shadowing? blending? becoming?]… the dense foliage of it's jungle habitat. Fiercely territorial, the Asyrimat is quite [insurmountable obstacle].


…due to the high levels of wild background [mana, I believe] , the Asyrimat grows [again, mana chrystals, I'm pretty sure] on it's back and shoulders. It uses these to … [prey? victim? conquest?]… 



May the gods rain [terror] upon those would would attempt to harm this [untranslatable… possibly holy?] beast. [Something about numbers and symbols here. Can't seem to figure out what they are for but they may relate to the book of Atma-Ra-Seru. Wish there were some people who still spoke ancient elven around here.]

[It goes on here about those numbers and symbols]

…harvesting the crystals is a dangerous [undertaking? ritual? rite of passage?] that must be done with respect for the beast…

[There is just too much here that isn't translated…]


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