University of Terra

Night terrors
They become more and more vivid.

I don't know how the fire started. We tried to run to the house, but my sister tripped on a big rock. Me and my brother made it to the house, but it was already set ablaze. We ran inside. Our parents weren't there. as we were running out, rubble hit me on the back. My brother saved me, but couldn't save himself. And then I wake up. 

One more step.

I remember when I was a kid
It's fuzzy.

Running through the field with my brother and sister. My house and the field. We would play hide and seek. Then… fire. Fire everywhere. It burned. I was the only one who survived. That's when I started hearing the voices. 6 years later, I was about 12 years old. I had, and still have, a scar on my back. I had been learning necromancy with my mentor for 6 years by that time.  6 years later he died.  I'm writing this because I want to remember. Hopefuly I don't lose my journal.

On the Forbidden Magics
fragments of a paper

I shall attempt to answer the common issues that people tend to have with the forbidden magics. Namely, I will address why they are in fact, forbidden and why it is imperative that they stay so.

Mind Magic

Previously, Mind magic was kept under control with the application of wards as well as the strength of will of the target. This isn't really the best way to control the power. Mind magic allows for the influence and outright control of the minds of others. Without the Glyphs that the Emperor (cursed is his name) forced in place, it is very difficult to sense the use of mind magic. Thus, mind magic could be used to influence elections, subvert criminal proceedings and other such malevolent things. The Tribunal realized that if we are to have peace, we must push for equality. As such, none should subvert or enslave the mind of another.


Demonology was always a twisted version of Summoning. Rather than summon beings from the Aether (a neutral plane of spirit and thought), Demonologists summon beings from the Void (a plane full of beings that utimately wish to corrupt and destroy our world). The implications of this should be as obvious as can be. Ours is a world that was invaded twice. To willingly open ourselves up to beings that wish to harm us is not just folly but is in fact suicide. It must have been with a heavy heart that the Tribunal ordered the destruction of thousands of ancient tomes on Demonology but, it must be done. There is simply no sense in calling beings that wish to harm us.


Necromancy is a complicated and thorny issue. We have all heard the tales of Lord Terris the Black and his Black Legion. We heard how he fended off the Elohim alone and used the dead to bolster his own ranks and thus raise an army of his own. Still, Lord Terris is a single man against a long and brutal history of Necromancers who enslaved the bodies of their enemies even after death. Furthermore, there is the fact that the risen dead often possess appetites that are fowl at best. It is well known that the dead crave the energies of the living. Further still, there is the matter of the fact that all necromantic magic is tainted deeply by the void. Thus, like demonology, the necromancer is actually an emissary of the void. His goals are actually the goals of the void.


Thus, I conclude that the Tribunal was right to ban the use and teaching of the aforementioned magics. We live in a hostile universe and there are a great many worlds and planes that would wish us harm. There should be no tolerance for those who would stand with our enemies. The Necromancer, the Mentalist and the Demonologist are traitors and deserve whatever just punishment the Tribunal wishes to dole out.

— Lady Adelade St'Claire

Memo from Nisha Friedrick
The investigations and a distraction

My dear Professor Erasmus,

As you are one of the few to whom I've elected to share my vision with, so shall you share the burden of my… Concerns. There is a sabateur on campus. Someone wishes to cause great harm during the White Lily Fair. In that regard, measures are already being undertaken that should flush out the would be saboteurs.

I need more from you however.

I need you to embark on an expedition. There are certain things that we do not know. In order for our vision to unfold accordingly, we can take no half-measures. I need you to take the students that I've sent your way and… Encourage… Them to travel with you to Noctis.

Yes, I comprehend the danger. These students are not strangers to… Adversity. They aren't weaklings. You will take these students, you will spin this however you wish, you will discover what the area at the enclosed coordinates is hiding. Feint, spin, coerce and lie if you must but my sources say that a part of the Aegis was there. If that is true… What else could be there?

No. I detest surprises. Uncover what you can and report back. Oh and Professor Erasmus, you should be returning during the opening festivities of the fair. Were you to bring back something… Inspiring from Noctis, it would be greatly appreciated.

[Enclosed are a set of coordinates and the phrase "jewel-encrusted tiger]

An old note
Half of an old note

I've been practicing more and more ne-

after all, I should make sure Kane doesn't s-

The golden pony, that's the dumbest name I've ever heard in my life. Anyways, best not let Kane know. Back to my plan. I have the last thing so nobody knows I was the one who sabotaged the-                                                                                                             he will try to hunt me down.                                                     this cheap paper keeps ripping and its drving me craz-                           He is here.




He's hiding something.

I cannot believe I have just now realized this. One of us has misled us numerous times. He has witheld prior knowledge that would have been incredibly important. He is willing to sacrifice his own crew to get what he wants. And not only that, none have even suspected him of anything.

Marcus Erasmus.

This man led us to one of two places that I never dare be. He nearly, no, he did kill Cain. He knows every single one of our strengths and weaknesses and will abuse them for anything he can gain. 

There's no way he didn't know about the dangers of these parts. He teaches antimagic, and has special intrigue in Void magic. If he was acting under normal circumstances , there would be no reason to not mention something as important, both to our well being and to the interest of the class, as this. 

This leads me to only one conclusion. There's more to this visit than just some rare tiger. Erasmus has something he's hiding. One way or another, I plan on finding out what that is.

Everyone knows I'm a necromancer

They know. They all know. That golem… that idiot. I might need to run. To be honest, I didn't even expect that my secret to last this long. How could I not accept an invite from the university? I shouldn't have socialized. I should've stayed in my house and ripped that invitation.

I will need to learn how to use shadow manipulation to escape, and fast. I know I can't kill all of them.

My shift is almost over, I need to hide my stuff.

I have the materials, now i need a sacrifice like what she did with that Ryan guy and Kane. maybe I can repeat what I did when my parachute was stuck. I can stay down in the sands until they go or i could ask her to help me kill them. No, that's a stupid plan.

The many trails

 [unreadable] is de[unreadable]. So is his pathetic w[unreadable]. I need his Helmet for the next step. 

STEP 1: Survive and evade Kane [unreadable]

STEP 2: get a [unreadable]

STEP 3: If you are lucky (and I was very, very lucky) they will have an [unreadable]. Take it.

STEP 4: gather materials that I was told to get for [unreadable]

THE LAST STE[unreadable]

... And I'm dreaming.
I was a freelance writer.



I wake up years earlier, sitting in front of my typewriter. How am I to make a sequel to a book I tied so well together? Well… I could always follow the saga of the child… Okay, where to start…? "Are you going to cook tonight? I have a meeting in an hour so..?" Says my girlfriend, she's lovely… "Yes, sweetie! I'll cook dinner tonight!" I say, then I get up to a year later. I'm arguing with her, my newest book flunked. We have to find a different way to get money. She halfheartedly suggests piracy, then laughs. "That's… Actually a good idea. I can make money and get new writing material!" I say excitedly. She says seriously "Henry… I can't support you in this, if you are going to go through with this… I'm leaving." She leaves, and I wake up on the Dreadnought. Everyone is getting ready to take a air ship, I'll take a gun! I sit on the gun seat and then everything goes black. I feel fear, happiness, sorrow… I wake up.

Book of Beasts
An attempted translation

The Jewel-Encrusted Tiger or Asyrimat is a rare variation of the typical Rimat Tiger. It is only seen in the jungles of [untranslatable] to the west of the Elven homelands. This tiger has black and dark green stripes that assist it in [shadowing? blending? becoming?]… the dense foliage of it's jungle habitat. Fiercely territorial, the Asyrimat is quite [insurmountable obstacle].


…due to the high levels of wild background [mana, I believe] , the Asyrimat grows [again, mana chrystals, I'm pretty sure] on it's back and shoulders. It uses these to … [prey? victim? conquest?]… 



May the gods rain [terror] upon those would would attempt to harm this [untranslatable… possibly holy?] beast. [Something about numbers and symbols here. Can't seem to figure out what they are for but they may relate to the book of Atma-Ra-Seru. Wish there were some people who still spoke ancient elven around here.]

[It goes on here about those numbers and symbols]

…harvesting the crystals is a dangerous [undertaking? ritual? rite of passage?] that must be done with respect for the beast…

[There is just too much here that isn't translated…]


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