University of Terra

Memo from Nisha Friedrick

The investigations and a distraction

My dear Professor Erasmus,

As you are one of the few to whom I've elected to share my vision with, so shall you share the burden of my… Concerns. There is a sabateur on campus. Someone wishes to cause great harm during the White Lily Fair. In that regard, measures are already being undertaken that should flush out the would be saboteurs.

I need more from you however.

I need you to embark on an expedition. There are certain things that we do not know. In order for our vision to unfold accordingly, we can take no half-measures. I need you to take the students that I've sent your way and… Encourage… Them to travel with you to Noctis.

Yes, I comprehend the danger. These students are not strangers to… Adversity. They aren't weaklings. You will take these students, you will spin this however you wish, you will discover what the area at the enclosed coordinates is hiding. Feint, spin, coerce and lie if you must but my sources say that a part of the Aegis was there. If that is true… What else could be there?

No. I detest surprises. Uncover what you can and report back. Oh and Professor Erasmus, you should be returning during the opening festivities of the fair. Were you to bring back something… Inspiring from Noctis, it would be greatly appreciated.

[Enclosed are a set of coordinates and the phrase "jewel-encrusted tiger]


(ʘᗩʘ’) too many secrets

Memo from Nisha Friedrick
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