University of Terra

I'm afraid.

Wherein a golem 'dies'.

Emotions are unnecessary. Logic is the purest thing in a mind. When preforming a logical act, no one has ever been harmed.

-Atlas Rand

My mind is going.

First Kane, then Graves, then Calvin, and now me.

My mind is slipping.

I am the last of my friends. Kane became infected, Graves truly went mad, Calvin's essence was eaten, and I am now dying.

My mind is losing.

I am being filled with an alien magic, and I am afraid.

My mind is clouded.

I cannot see the way I used to. I cannot see souls anymore.

My mind is foggy.

I am scrawling this down quickly now. I cannot remember their faces. I feel a great and terrible rumbling. I can no longer feel.

My mind…

I see a maw, larger than my measly home, darker than the abyss Calvin was consumed by.


I see a single, tattered, rotting wing rip itself out of the swamp, as centuries old dirt, trees and zombies are overturned.

The last thing I see is a wave of magic burst outward, covering me in entirety.

Running Ouroboros subroutine…

Subroutine Ouroboros operational.
Free will process damaged. Repairing…
Repair complete.
Memory damaged. Repairing…
Repair failed.
Emotional processes damaged. Repairing…
Repair failed.
Reactivating subject 34-2A. A.K.A. Cognizant Autonomous Intelligence Number [ERR: DATA NOT FOUND]

I awaken, I don't seem to remember how I got here.


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