University of Terra

He's hiding something.

I cannot believe I have just now realized this. One of us has misled us numerous times. He has witheld prior knowledge that would have been incredibly important. He is willing to sacrifice his own crew to get what he wants. And not only that, none have even suspected him of anything.

Marcus Erasmus.

This man led us to one of two places that I never dare be. He nearly, no, he did kill Cain. He knows every single one of our strengths and weaknesses and will abuse them for anything he can gain. 

There's no way he didn't know about the dangers of these parts. He teaches antimagic, and has special intrigue in Void magic. If he was acting under normal circumstances , there would be no reason to not mention something as important, both to our well being and to the interest of the class, as this. 

This leads me to only one conclusion. There's more to this visit than just some rare tiger. Erasmus has something he's hiding. One way or another, I plan on finding out what that is.


Hmm, Markus being sinister? Why would you ever suspect such a thing?

He's hiding something.
miguelp001 JDude330

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