University of Terra

Frazures 4th Note

So apparently one of my new best friends, Graves, is a Necromancer… OK. Well. I guess thats his business…


I wonder what else hes hiding, though…


Well, we went on a walk.. And.. Well. I was reading.

I was reading a fascinating book on a certain breed of Cat that could.. Well that doesn't matter.

I was getting very intrigued when suddenly I found the book jerked from my hands as I was lifted up into a net.


WHAT THE {Unrepeatable}!

I think I began to swear so much that it would've made a sailor blush.

But seriously, I hadn't even put a book mark into my chapter! How dare they tie me up before I place a bookmark! DO they not value my education at all!?


Anyways I got down. Eventually. And now we are killing giant lizard men.


Well I'm going to die.







miguelp001 Untrustworthy

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