University of Terra

Frazure: Note 1

The food here is absolutely awful. Wish Zac could BREAK it and FIX it like he does ALL the time with the other stuff. Really.

The hammocks were nice to sleep in.. My problem with them was that they didn't have enough room for my books! Very disappointing. Wish I could be back in my bunk but someone has to name this Jewel incrusted Tiger something SENSIBLE instead of "JEWEL INCRUSTED TIGER".

Don't even get me started on William. Hes the pilot, and he is huge. I don't like huge things. They make me feel weak and useless. His hand could have crushed my skull.

Oh dear. Seems like some sky pirates have arrived. Guess I'll finish writing after we; I mean Graves and I, destroy them.


miguelp001 Untrustworthy

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