University of Terra

Book of Beasts

An attempted translation

The Jewel-Encrusted Tiger or Asyrimat is a rare variation of the typical Rimat Tiger. It is only seen in the jungles of [untranslatable] to the west of the Elven homelands. This tiger has black and dark green stripes that assist it in [shadowing? blending? becoming?]… the dense foliage of it's jungle habitat. Fiercely territorial, the Asyrimat is quite [insurmountable obstacle].


…due to the high levels of wild background [mana, I believe] , the Asyrimat grows [again, mana chrystals, I'm pretty sure] on it's back and shoulders. It uses these to … [prey? victim? conquest?]… 



May the gods rain [terror] upon those would would attempt to harm this [untranslatable… possibly holy?] beast. [Something about numbers and symbols here. Can't seem to figure out what they are for but they may relate to the book of Atma-Ra-Seru. Wish there were some people who still spoke ancient elven around here.]

[It goes on here about those numbers and symbols]

…harvesting the crystals is a dangerous [undertaking? ritual? rite of passage?] that must be done with respect for the beast…

[There is just too much here that isn't translated…]


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