University of Terra

... And I'm dreaming.

I was a freelance writer.



I wake up years earlier, sitting in front of my typewriter. How am I to make a sequel to a book I tied so well together? Well… I could always follow the saga of the child… Okay, where to start…? "Are you going to cook tonight? I have a meeting in an hour so..?" Says my girlfriend, she's lovely… "Yes, sweetie! I'll cook dinner tonight!" I say, then I get up to a year later. I'm arguing with her, my newest book flunked. We have to find a different way to get money. She halfheartedly suggests piracy, then laughs. "That's… Actually a good idea. I can make money and get new writing material!" I say excitedly. She says seriously "Henry… I can't support you in this, if you are going to go through with this… I'm leaving." She leaves, and I wake up on the Dreadnought. Everyone is getting ready to take a air ship, I'll take a gun! I sit on the gun seat and then everything goes black. I feel fear, happiness, sorrow… I wake up.


miguelp001 Pimentel611

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